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Vehicle History

Vehicle history is important so you know about title status, odometer accuracy, manufacturer warranties and recalls.

Vehicle Inspection

A car’s current condition is understood by inspecting safety, mechanics, wear and tear, and even with a road test.

Vehicle Specific Facts

The SureSale platform analyzes thousands of vehicle data points, well beyond the traditional vehicle report.

Why is Knowing Vehicle Quality Important?

There’s always a risk when buying a pre-owned vehicle. What if the car needs unforeseen repairs or has odometer inaccuracies? A lot of questions can arise when shopping for used cars.

A vehicle history report alone is not enough to know vehicle quality. Why? Because it doesn’t include an inspection of the car’s current condition, mechanical operations, safety functions, and interior/exterior wear and tear. When you know both a vehicle’s history and condition, only then can you make an informed assessment of a vehicle’s quality. SureSale is here to help with our digital report!

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Be Confident You’re Buying
a Quality Used Vehicle

Most used vehicles are sold “as is”, but with a SureSale report you’ll know both vehicle condition and history.

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Know All the Decision
Making Car Facts

Many car buyers rely on just vehicle history, but that only tells part of the story without current condition data.

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Add Transparency to the
Used Car Buying Process

The process can be frustrating, with a perceived lack of information from sellers – SureSale helps bridge that gap.

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Avoid Costly and Unforeseen
Automotive Repairs

An average repair bill can cost up to $600, and these are often unforeseen unless you get an inspection before buying.

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How do you find a SureSale vehicle quality report? Just look for SureSale wherever you’re car shopping: used car shopping websites, dealership websites, private seller listings, and at automotive dealerships.

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