The Experts Agree
on SureSale

Don’t take our word for it, take the word of the most respected automotive brands. They all agree that a verification of a pre-owned vehicle’s quality is the smartest buying decision you will make; and with SureSale, you can be sure of vehicle quality as we provide all the facts.

Why SureSale?

In our daily lives we rely on industry standards which are designed to protect us. We may take them for granted, but can you imagine flying if there were no safety standards, or purchasing a home without having it inspected? Likely, the answer is no. In the used car industry, there is no government agency like we have with aviation or food safety, which sets and enforces used car quality standards. This is why we created SureSale.

We’re here to upset the lemon cart. We’ve helped thousands of car buyers just like you navigate the jungle of used car buying and resolve their car buying concerns. With SureSale you can:

Know the past, present and future condition of your car

Know the Past, Present and Future Condition of Your Car

Many buyers rely on a vehicle’s history report as a measure of its quality, but the history report is just that – ancient history. It only tells you part of the story and doesn’t tell you anything about the vehicle’s current condition. We’ve solved this problem with our SureSale vehicle quality report. SureSale analyzes thousands of data points about the car including a multi-point inspection, road test, and history check. These results are all clearly laid out in the SureSale vehicle quality report, so you can review all the facts and make an informed buying decision.

Have confidence you’re buying a quality car

Have Confidence You’re Buying a Quality Car

Most used vehicles are sold “as is” so you have one chance to get it right. Whether you are buying a car from a private seller or a dealer, most used car purchases are “as is,” which means there are no guarantees of quality, and the buyer assumes the responsibility of costly repairs. In fact, very few states even have a requirement for sellers to inspect and repair vehicles prior to sale, and even fewer set a minimum safety standard. Being sure has never been more important, or more complicated to achieve. SureSale’s universal pre-owned vehicle quality standard has filled this void for thousands of buyers: if it’s a SureSale, you know it’s a quality vehicle.

Avoid costly and unforeseen auto repairs

Avoid Costly and Unforeseen Auto Repairs

Over 80% of car buyers say repair costs are their biggest worry when buying a used car. It’s a valid concern. As cars age they start to require additional maintenance and repair. An average repair bill can cost up to $600, and these unforeseen costs are often not factored into a buyer’s decision. As most of us are not trained mechanics, we have to rely on experts to give us a dependable quality assessment. You’ll get that with a SureSale vehicle, so you can be confident you’re buying a car that’s in great condition.

Get Vehicle Quality and Inspection Data

Get Vehicle Quality and Inspection Data

Auto dealers are savvy car buyers, and you should be too. Dealers won’t buy a car without an inspection, why should you? The experts, including Edmunds and Consumer Reports, also agree that an inspection is the best decision you can make when it comes to buying a used car. That’s why SureSale is so important. We’re an advocate — on your side — giving you the information you need to know about a vehicle’s past and present condition so you can make an informed purchase decision.

Build trust with facts – we analyze thousands of vehicle data points

Build Trust with Facts – We Analyze Thousands of Vehicle Data Points

Everyone researches used cars like crazy, but all of that information doesn’t reduce our purchase anxiety or fear of buying the “wrong” car or a “lemon.” In fact, over 80% of used car shoppers tell us they wish they had a “mechanic friend” to help them during the buying process. That’s exactly why we created SureSale. As a third party, not affiliated with the dealership or car seller, we’re acting as your quality consultant throughout your used car buying journey. We give you the tools to have an honest discussion about the vehicle, with objective information, so you can build trust and buy with confidence.