What’s a SureSale Vehicle?

A SureSale is a ready-to-buy car with a consistent, clear and easy story to tell. Its past is free of reported accidents and it has a clean title, its present condition is fully inspected and meets rigorous safety and mechanical standards, and it comes with a Factfile™ so you can see the whole story.

SureSale Quality Standard

SureSale Quality Standard

SureSale has created a new universal standard for pre-owned vehicle quality. We put every car through an independent inspection and history check to be sure it’s a SureSale. So wherever you buy your SureSale vehicle from, you can be confident it is high quality with a clean title and no major reported accidents.

  • Ready-To-Buy Car

  • Excellent Current Condition

  • Inspected by an Independent Mechanic

  • Comprehensive History Check

Factfile™ Vehicle Report

Factfile™ Vehicle Report

Every SureSale vehicle comes with a Factfile, which includes all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision. The Factfile includes the historical information about the vehicle, such as title records and ownership history, but goes well beyond that to report on the current condition of the vehicle. With the Factfile, you don’t need to be an expert in cars to be an expert in the car you’re buying.

  • Decision Making Facts

  • Inspection Data

  • History Check Results

  • Odometer Check

Independent 170-Point Inspection

Independent 170-Point Inspection

It’s like shopping for a used car with a trusted mechanic friend. Our independent 170-point inspection is conducted by certified mechanics and includes a road test, vehicle history test, checks on the powertrain and chassis, checks on all interior and safety functions, and reports on tire and brake condition. We go the extra mile because you can’t tell what a car smells like over the internet.

  • Road Test

  • Mechanical & Safety Check

  • Title & Accident Check

  • Fully Disclosed Appearance

SureSale Cars parked
SureSale Cars parked

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