Build Customer Trust & Make More Money With The Best Inspection Report

Repair facilities can offer their customers a trustworthy review of their vehicle’s condition with an automatically generated report, while offering their reconditioning services based on the findings from an inspection.

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SureSale Advantages

SureSale Vehicle Quality Report

SureSale Vehicle Quality Report

The SureSale vehicle quality report is the industry’s most comprehensive report. We analyze over a thousand data points including an inspection and road test, and even includes a vehicle history check at no extra cost. SureSale helps your customers better understand vehicle condition, making it a high-value tool for buyers and sellers of used vehicles. Click here to view a sample SureSale report.

Easy-to-use Inspection App

Easy-to-use Inspection App

Our app allows you to easily perform inspections, while our platform simultaneously analyzes vehicle history and other relevant information. Upon completion a SureSale vehicle quality report is automatically generated and instantly published online; with options for you to send a digital SureSale report directly to your customers.

Make More Money & Build Trust

Make More Money & Build Trust

Customers often have questions around the legitimacy of recommended service work in terms of urgency, cost, and necessity. Our report helps you build customer trust, by providing a third-party inspection that backs up your service work recommendations. Legitimize your recommended service work with a professional report from SureSale.

Marketing Tool Kit

Marketing Tool Kit

SureSale offers marketing assets including logos, images, copy and templates to help you build your brand and grow your customer base. You can use our marketing tool kit to communicate the value of SureSale to your customers and prospective customers wherever you advertise your services including Facebook, Yelp, Craigslist and your website.

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With SureSale, there are no set up or monthly fees. We only charge you when you use our inspection app. You’ll benefit from a new source of revenue and customers, have access to SureSale’s proprietary platform and app, and affiliation with the trusted SureSale brand. Please connect with us to learn more.

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  • How soon can I start inspecting?

    Most repair facilities can start inspecting within one business day of submitting an application. Processing time may vary depending on when you submit.

  • Do I need to be a repair facility to use SureSale?

    SureSale is available to reputable car dealerships, automotive service centers, and independent technicians.

  • How do I add technicians to my SureSale account?

    Once your facility is onboarded, the shop account owner will have the ability to add technician profiles to their SureSale account.

  • What devices do I need to use the SureSale app?

    For the best experience, we recommend using an iPhone 6 or newer, Samsung Galaxy 8 or newer, Google Pixel, LG G or V series, or Sony Xperia series. You may also use a tablet with a reliable data plan. In addition to a mobile phone or tablet, you will need a OBDII scanner/reader to perform a SureSale Inspection.

  • How do I get paid?

    We leave this to you! You can continue to invoice and collect payment using your current methods.

  • Are there limitations on which vehicles I can inspect?

    Eligible vehicles will have a model year of 1997 or newer.

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