Top 6 Reasons People Avoid the Auto Repair Shop

Auto Repair Shop

Traveling long distances and making your daily commutes requires you to have a working vehicle. So when your trusty car needs a repair, why would you ignore it? 

A study conducted by Utires surveyed 1,200 Americans to discover why so many people avoid taking their cars in for repairs. Here are the six main reasons that people avoid the repair shop: 

1. Too busy 

Have you ever needed to take your car in for a repair but decided it can wait? Car owners often become so busy with their day-to-day life that they neglect to prioritize their car care. When the craziness of life puts the quality of your car at risk, it is important to remember that taking care of your car is the only way to successfully navigate your busy schedule. 

2. Cannot afford repairs  

One of the biggest reasons that people avoid the repair shop is because the repairs are too expensive. Over time these repair bills may add up and it can be intimidating and impossible to stomach. Before giving up on a much-needed repair because it’s too expensive, you should always see if there are any other repair options to get your car repaired without breaking the bank. 

3. Repairs don’t seem urgent 

You may think that a repair is only urgent if the car is not functional. A lot of car owners will push off getting repairs done unless it’s something as noticeably urgent as a flat tire or a broken headlight. The most commonly ignored vehicle problems include cracked windshields, worn out tires, illumination of the check engine light, and overdue oil changes. 

Do not assume that if the car is running it means the repair is not urgent or necessary. Treat every repair like it is as urgent as a flat tire to make sure your car is always taken care of as well as possible. 

4. Lengthy repairs

Daily commutes, long distance trips, and running errands could not be possible without the help of your car. So how could you possibly be without it for the days or even weeks that it takes for repairs? While it is understandable to not want to be without your car, not being able to give up your car for repairs may cause more problems over time. 

Letting the list of repairs build up over time will hurt the condition of your car. It is important to weigh your options and learn to prioritize your car. Consider renting a car or carpooling with a friend or coworker while your car is in the repair shop. 

5. Anxiety about your auto knowledge

There are many things that cause anxiety about the repair shop. Utires found that the biggest cause of anxiety is not understanding the auto repairs and their purposes. Asking questions, getting second opinions, and making sure you understand what repairs are being done on your car can help ease your anxiety when visiting the repair shop. 

6. Distrust in mechanics 

When you go to the doctor’s office you are confident they’re a licensed professional, you ask questions, and they gain your trust. Why should the auto repair shop be any different? By making sure your mechanic is qualified, communicates well, and is current on all things automotive, you will have more confidence in trusting your mechanic

Be Sure About Your Trip to the Repair Shop 

With a SureSale vehicle quality report, you can get ahead of unforeseen repairs by having a mechanic perform a multi-point inspection and history check. Whether you just bought your used car or you have had it for years, it is never a bad time to get all of the need-to-know facts about your car. Prioritize taking care of your car and make sure you never have to avoid the repair shop again.