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SureSale Benefits

You can trust us. We work with great partners, to bring you access to quality vehicles that you can explore online - with all the facts.

  • Sirius XM Radio

    3-Month Trial Included

    SureSale buyers get the best of SiriusXM. Includes over 150 channels in the car, plus access online and on the app.

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  • AAA Inspected Program

    AAA Inspected, powered by SureSale

    AAA and SureSale have partnered to independently verify pre-owned vehicle quality. Available in certain states.

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  • Marketplace

    Car Shopping Websites

    You can easily access car facts on car shopping websites, including Car Gurus, Auto Trader and

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  • SureSale Inspected Vehicle

    Look for the Sticker

    Auto dealers nationwide are displaying SureSale stickers on their used cars. Simply scan the QR code to get your SureSale.

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SureSale Brand Content

Look for the Sticker

How do I find a SureSale vehicle quality report? Just look for the sticker. It’s available for free on used car shopping websites, dealer websites, and at dealerships. Ask the dealer for your SureSale.

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