How SureSale Works

A CAReport and clean title
check for 75 items
A 125-point SureSale
Condition Report
A 5-Month 5,000-Mile
Limited Warranty

Same Car? You SURE?

Don’t get stuck with a lemon. Make sure your vehicle is SureSale Certified.

Comprehensive title report “as is” carfax suresale
Comprehensive Title Brand Check
Junk, Salvage, Insurance Record Check
Rebuilt, Fire, Flood, or Hail Damage Check
Lemon Check
Odometer Check
Collision Check
Vehicle Specifications
125-POINT Condition Report “as is” carfax suresale
Exterior and Walkaround
Interior and Safety
Under Hood
Tires and Wear and Tear
Inspection Photos: Interior and Exterior Condition Photos
Owner Reported Questions & Answers
ASSURANCE & ADVERTISING “as is” carfax suresale
5-Month 5,000-Mile Limited Warranty
Advertising on Top Automotive Websites
eBay Motors 4-week Buy it Now Listing
Buyer Lead Screening
Extended Protection Plans Available
Financing, Shipping, and Escrow Services

Check your vehicle title
for over 75 items, including:

Major Accidents Total Loss
Mileage Rollback Rebuilt
Structure Damage Flood Damage
Fire and Hail Damage Odometer Issues
Salvaged Lemon Branding

SureSale Values


If you’ve ever bought or sold a used car, chances are you think car transactions are risky and painful. But they don’t have to be. We’re SureSale. And we’re here to upset the lemon cart, so to speak. Like any good relationship, this starts with truth. Let’s have an honest discussion about your vehicle, with objective information. From there, we can create the trust that is required to transact.

Buy or Sell your next vehicle with SureSale

Selling your vehicle in the "for sale by owner" market can be challenging. On average, it will take you over 55 days to sell your vehicle, and you will have to compete will thousands of dealer listings in your local market. So take the Sure step. Vehicles that are 15 years old or newer, with 150,000 miles or less are eligible for SureSale. That offers buyers and sellers more choice than the traditional CPO market.