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Selling your vehicle 2x faster

SureSale sellers benefit from a comprehensive sales program:

  • CAReport for buyer protection
  • 5-month 5,000-mile Limited Warranty
  • 20 websites and search engine listing
  • Custom Craig's List template
  • 12 SureSale watermarked images
  • SureSale Inspection Platform

Your buyer wants to buy a vehicle with a clean title, and they want to be covered in the case of costly repairs. Your buyer may also want to inspect your vehicle.

Wouldn't you want to buy your next used car this way?


Unsure about buying
that used car you saw online or at a dealership's lot?
Be sure with SureSale.

  • A CAReport and clean title Check for over 75 items, including major accidents
  • A 5-month 5,000-mile Limited Warranty
  • SureSale Inspection Platform, with thousands of local vehicle inspectors
  • 125-point comprehensive inspection

Check your vehicle title for over 75 items, including:

Major Accidents Total Loss Salvaged
Mileage Rollback Rebuilt Lemon Branding
Structural Damage Flood Damage Junked
Taxi, Police, Rental Car Use Fire and Hale Damage Odometer Issues


Better to 'Be Sure' than Sorry

Don't Buy a Lemon: Check the Title

Get the assurance of knowing what you are buying. By purchasing a CAReport, you can be assured that the used car you are buying comes with a clean title, hasn't been in major accidents, and doesn't have a junk or rebuilt title. We check for over 75 title brands, and you get peace of mind at a very affordable price.

Don't get Stuck with Costly Repairs: Inspect and Protect your Vehicle

Don't get stuck with costly repairs. Demand that your vehicle has passed the SureSale 125-point comprehensive inspection, and use one of the thousands of local repair facilities available through SureSale for your convenience. Purchase a 5 month 5,000 mile Limited Warranty through SureSale from our A-rated insurance provider. You can also upgrade to longer, more comprehensive plans.

Sell Faster and Cut through the Clutter

Have SureSale help you sell your used car. Our comprehensive online sales marketing programs are aggressive, and help you cut through the clutter of online sales. We will list your vehicle on many of the top websites, and even optimize your listing so it shows up on the search engines. We will even take your sales calls and qualify your buyers if you would like.


Why sell your vehicle
with SureSale?

Selling your vehicle in the "for sale by owner" market can be challenging. On average, it will take you over 55 days to sell your vehicle, and you will have to compete will thousands of dealer listings in your local market. So take the Sure step. Vehicles that are 15 years old or newer, with 150,000 miles or less are eligible for SureSale. That offers buyers and sellers more choice than the traditional CPO market.